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Virgos are on a life's mission. They are put on this planet to inform and educate us and want nothing more (or less) than true physical and emotional wellbeing for us all. In short, they are true healing spirits.
Virgos are blessed with amazing insight. If it wasn't for the fact that they tend to carry with them so many doubts about their abilities and achievements, you or I wouldn't stand a chance against them. They are in some ways, a 'middle of the road' kind of sign. They are neither passive or aggressive. Most are sensible, have a wicked sense of humour and more than one extremely sensual quality about them. Their sense of humour often plays an integral role in attracting the rest of us to them.

To know a Virgo means getting to know, recognise and understand the true Virgo spirit. Normally, I detest the stereotypes which have been lazily stuck to other signs but I do have to bite my tongue to stop from laughing when I think of Virgos as exceptional librarians and possessing an amazing ability to find spelling errors in a telephone directory. Virgos are without doubt loyal, dependable, intelligent, extremely organised and focussed people. The latter two points often receive more attention than truer wild, chaotic and sensual Virgo characteristics.

Virgos do believe themselves to be the martyrs of the Zodiac. They are introverts and often unnecessarily critical of themselves and others. Interestingly, they often fail to understand that the things they like least about themselves are often the very characteristics we all love about them. They have amazing perceptions, especially when it comes to assessing or analysing people, which can be a great skill but one with devastating consequences as someone who has had their greatest fears or weaknesses exposed by a Virgo will tell you.

If they weren't so self-critical and full of doubt Virgos could rule the world. The only reason they don't is because they are so harsh on themselves!

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