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I, like many other people, envy Sagittarians. How could you not envy someone who loves living life in such a 'spur of the moment' sort of way? Sagittarians are ideal companions to anyone who shares their 'free and easy' way of living.
The downside to this of course is that some people who live life cautiously will find a Sagittarian's ways somewhat unnerving, especially in a relationship sense. Sagittarians hate convention. Long standing commitments often make them feel trapped. Being dutiful is not what they are all about.

That is not to say they don't take obligations seriously. You can certainly count on a Sagittarian to be reliable, but should your relationship or involvement reach a level of predictability, you are likely to find a Sagittarian suddenly becomes elusive or unavailable. Sagittarians are ruled by optimistic Jupiter, and many find it difficult to say the world 'no'. They say 'maybe' a lot which can sometimes be interpreted as a 'yes' at times.

Like the other fire signs, Sagittarians are happiest when they are being forthright, outspoken and a bit on the outrageous side. Like other fire signs, this gets them into trouble from time to time. One of the popular stereotypes associated with Sagittarians is that they are all sports-mad. Whilst many of the world's leading athletes and sports personalities are Sagittarians, their athletic skill is the result of loving and seeking a challenge rather than being bestowed a lithe, athletic figure and interest in sports through being a Sagittarian!

Finally, anyone wanting to really hit it off with a Sagittarian need only show an interest in and a preparedness to do one other thing: travel! Travel appeals to many Sagittarians given their sense of adventure and anyone sharing this will be in the best possible company.

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