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Pisceans have an uncanny ability to tune into what is going on deep within another person's mind, or heart. Additionally, they are equally in tune with all things creative. They thrive on creativity in the same way a fish does water.
The fish analogy above was not a coincidence. Pisces is the sign of the Fish; beautiful, colourful creatures swimming away from each other which are rarely still. Their ability to dream is like no other, which is what makes them such fun people to be around and also makes them some of the world's greatest artists, poets, musicians, storytellers and inventors. They are constantly seeking an outlet for all that goes on in their minds. If they are unable to find such an outlet, they soon become overwhelmed by ideas, thoughts, dreams or fantasies which they must channel into something - or someone. More often than not, they require a practical Taurus, Virgo or Capricorn to bring them back down from the clouds to planet Earth.

Rarely will you meet a Piscean without a plan, goal or objective. Whilst it can be said most people on Earth have something they yearn to achieve, the Piscean way of going about things is different than most. They are guided through life by their instincts which can sometimes give an impression of being very unfocussed. But they always end up at the right place, at the right time and make essential contacts in a fraction of the time other people do. They project an endearing innocence which is really a smoke screen, and which allows them to fool their adversaries into thinking they are life's lucky chancers.

On a final note, one cannot describe Pisceans without highlighting their sympathetic natures. If you need a shoulder to cry on, call a Piscean but do be careful. A problem shared is a problem doubled where a good natured Piscean is concerned because they quickly absorb your problems and go about solving them as if they were their own!

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