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discover your moon sign

All most people know about themselves astrologically is what Sun sign they belong to, mainly due to newspapers and magazines which often focus only on these. We have all read our Sun sign horoscopes and felt some vital information was missing or that a completely different sign's forecast seemed more relevant.

what is a moon sign?

We all have several sides to our character, but I want to focus first on the side of your personality you put up for the benefit of others. How other people see you is governed by the Sun sign you belong to. But the vulnerable, sincere individual you are inside is what is governed by your Moon sign, and the two, as we know, can be as different as chalk and cheese.

The Moon has a great deal to do with the quirky, irrational and intuitive side of your nature and to understand your Moon sign is to really understand yourself. That sounds a bit overly mystical I know, but in truth very few of us are really prepared to look deep within ourselves, mainly because we either fear what we might find - or we know what we are going to find.

The Moon is something associated with night more than day. Therefore, it is closely linked with dreams and feelings. It is also associated with craziness, hence the word 'lunacy' which is derived from 'luna', the Latin word for Moon.

So I am inviting you to discover a part of your personality you know exists, but you might have never known why. Some people will be thrilled to have confirmed aspects of their personality, reasons why they are like they are and been able for the first time to look deep within their souls. This soul searching exercise is not something everyone is prepared to do. There is, of course, a one in twelve chance that your Moon sign is the same as your Sun sign. This is neither good or bad news, it simply means you are extremely typical of your sign.

If you already know what your Moon sign is, click on the link at the bottom of this for a detailed insight into what it all means.

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