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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Monday 1 September: view Sunday or Tuesday

The Moon's last visit to your communication sector before Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos leaves in 13 days, could be a game changer and a life saver, especially with so much personal and/or relationship tension already having brought a lot of things to the surface. This is a chance to clear the air. Get 25% OFF your 2014 Horoscope Forecast.


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Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 1 September:

Having the Moon in your communication sector as you move into the new week is going to be a game changer, especially as so many buttons were pushed last week and so many personal and/or relationship tensions came to a head. While there is more to come and especially so during next week's Full Moon in your relationship sector, this is a chance to ensure the communication lines are open. However, this is no ordinary visit and as the last before Mars leaves your communication sector and with so many relationship issues now out in the open, this is a chance to clear the air, with a communication and/or relationship breakthrough possible. It's later in the week that the Moon's return to your romantic sector on Thursday will bring some welcome romantic sentiment into play.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for September:

While you need to expect some personal and/or relationship tension this month, it's important not to read more into this than there really is, not to create challenges where there are none or at the same time stick your head in the sand, instead looking at this objectively. With dreamy Neptune in your relationship sector until 2026 and Chiron, planet of healing until 2019, the reality is that as the Sun returns to your sign each year he, along with Venus and Mercury who travel with him, will move into opposition. At a time of year when both Neptune and Chiron are in retrograde motion and with the past very much alive, this is likely to push old buttons and triggers, yet with this is a chance to resolve and heal the past. These are fleeting oppositions and a lot centres around the days leading up to, during and after the Full Moon in your relationship sector on the 9th September. However, it's Venus, planet of love, who will have the final say and in your sign from the 6th September to the 30th September, she'll be using those wakeup calls to redefine both your relationship and romantic desires and expectations. The last two standoffs will be between Venus and Neptune on the 10th September and Venus and Chiron on the 17th/18th September, giving the planet of love a chance to find a balance, promote healing and a chance to embrace old relationship dreams and ideals, with a chance to update them. While in your sign Venus will be on especially good terms with Pluto in your romantic sector, putting her here when the tide turns on the 23rd September.

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