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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Thursday 17 August: view Wednesday or Friday

You're being encouraged to put a recent episode in your love life behind you but could still be clinging to it in the belief something left unfinished or unresolved holds the key to future happiness. If you're not yet convinced you have a very real and valid reason to be looking forward instead of backward, then the sky insists a reason is about to appear. The present needs your full attention now. Do you live life following habitual patterns and taking the easiest options? Decide on a meaningful destiny. Find out more.

Gaile - Psychic

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Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 11 August:

An issue of imbalance within a love relationship could rear its head once again and there could be a financial connection with this. If you're having to fork out more money in some way to keep your connection alive than a loved one is willing to contribute, then this could be a week when this matter is brought into the open. Nipping any complacency in the bud and making clear how you need more financial stability in a relationship could be a focal point this week.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for August:

If you've felt you've had to watch and wait to see what develops or progresses on the romantic front recently, then coming weeks are likely to bring long-awaited answers. You could have more than one suspicion confirmed and finally knowing the reality of a love life situation puts you in a position to take steps you've delayed taking – or bring closure where it's needed. Whatever has been limbo-like recently in your emotional world or between you and a certain person is about to shift and whatever the outcome, a new chapter deserves to be embraced.

Relationship Reality

Relationship Reality