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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Tuesday 29 July: view Monday or Wednesday

Having returned to your relationship sector over the weekend Mars, warrior planet of the cosmos is already starting to make some waves, refusing to let you sweep things under the carpet. Yet so long as you work to ensure the communication lines are open this is already creating the potential for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough. Might you be missing the best time to make a decision? Be more in control of your relationships and your emotions. Try personal Forecaster for free!


Navana - Psychic

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Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 28 July:

Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos' return to your relationship sector over the weekend has been a game changer, returning just 5 days after Saturn turned direct to take advantage of the fact that the tide has turned. This puts you at the start of a major relationship comeback, with the potential for a breakthrough and to take all you've learned from the past and apply to the future and the journey ahead. With Mars firing up your passions and fighting spirit and Saturn not only giving you the power to move mountains if you have to, but with a review phase having just ended the wisdom to know what you're fighting for, your relationships are now your No. 1 priority. This comes with support from Venus, planet of love to ensure the communication lines are open.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for July:

While on face value things are going to look like every other month, with Saturn still in your relationship sector, still in retrograde motion and only the Moon's monthly visits to your romantic sector to keep the spirit of romance alive, it won't take long to realise that things are very different this month. Yes, Saturn is still in retrograde motion, but gone are the personal and/or relationship tensions of recent months, tensions that ended when Venus left your sign on the 24th June. In its place Saturn and therefore your relationships have the support of communication forces and with Saturn due to turn direct on the 21st July, his final weeks in retrograde motion are all about giving the past and unsaid words a voice. The support from communication forces is major, with lucky Jupiter in your communication sector until the 16th July, the Sun until the 23rd July Mercury, planet of communication returning on the 13th July and Venus, planet of love on the 19th July. It's the fact that you'll have Venus in your communication sector as Saturn turns direct that sets the scene for some special developments on the relationship front, but in the final days in retrograde motion and early days in direct motion, with communication key to making it count. It's next month that the spirit of romance and matters of the heart will get their turn, but there'll be clues to what lies ahead during the early and later days of the month.

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