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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Tuesday 21 October: view Monday or Wednesday

With the Moon still in your romantic sector the love gods a sense of urgency is already starting to develop on the relationship front, with the two able to help each other out. As Ceres moves into her final 7 days in your relationship sector you're able to get right to the heart of what you need from love, your relationships and especially where they come together. Are decisions easier to make when we know about our future planetary transits? Try Predictor for free.


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Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 20 October:

You have a week that begins very differently to how it ends, with a need to stay in the moment as much as possible. It's the Moon's position in your romantic sector as you move into the new week that puts the focus on matters of the heart and the spirit of romance, especially as this is the first visit since Venus left. Yet while the Moon will make the first 48 hours of the week romantically focused that ends when the Moon moves on. While the underlying focus is and has been for over 2 years now on your relationships, that changes dramatically on Friday when, within the space of just a few hours first the Sun returns, then Venus and finally the Moon, creating a solar eclipse that ushers in the beginning of the end of a massive push to put your relationships on the right course.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for October:

The laws of the universe dictate that the solar focus will always shift onto your relationships at this time of year, always has and always will, with the Sun always returning to your relationship sector in late October. What isn't the norm is the fact that last year's focus never ended nor the year before, with the relationship update and review you're currently under having begun over 2 years ago, with one year merging into the other. The point you have reached however is that with the worst behind you, any relationship challenges you were going to be delivered have been and what is required of you is now very clear. Even before the Sun and Venus return to your relationship sector on the 24th October you should by then have had a clear sense of what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. With Saturn in your relationship sector since October 2012 there has been a lot of focus on what your relationships require from you, but the last few months that focus has been shifting to establishing what you want from your relationships. You will move into the new month with Mercury, planet of communication in your relationship sector, but turning retrograde on the 5th October and retrograding back out on the 11th October, it's the early days of the month that are the most important for ensuring the communication lines are open. It's the Sun and Venus' return on the 24th October and solar eclipse on the same day that brings a chance to draw a major new line in the sand, ready to start bringing things home as the end of the journey comes into sight.

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