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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Monday 30 November: view Sunday or Tuesday

If something connected with your emotional world or love life is becoming routine-like or predictable, then you have options to inject life into whatever has become devoid of excitement. One option, regardless of your relationship status, involves expanding your network of contacts or friends. Joining clubs or interacting with others who share interests can be a perfect tonic now. Do you make the most of your creative talents? Learn what you're capable of. Try for free.


Christina - Psychic

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Christina is a third generation Psychic who inherited her gift from her mother who in turn inherited it from hers. Christina is blessed with clairsentience and clairvoyance and she uses these psychic skills to work with all of her clients. In a calm, gentle, caring and thorough way, Christina will help you reach a state of real knowingness about yourself and those around you. She will look into love, connecting with you and your partner, relationships of any description and career matters. Christina also uses tarot & a crystal ball as guide. Call Psychic ReaderCall Christina quoting PIN 7412.

Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 27 November:

A new era or unfolding development might not be as new to you as it is to someone close. They could be looking to you for advice or support and you might prefer they learned something on their own. That's helpful in some ways but unhelpful in others. Try to be a bit more patient and understanding of their new experience. You might be forgetting how new it was to you once and ways in which you could have used some steering or advice.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for November:

The question posed to you during November surrounds 'what are you made of?' That sounds a bit strange and we're not talking biologically or physiologically. We're talking about levels of integrity and courage you possess and how you intend to use them. November brings a challenge of sorts where your emotional life is concerned that you will choose to rise to. This will present you with new levels of insight into the person you believe yourself to be – and the person you are! Best match? Taurus and Leo Best romantic dates? 11th, 17th and 20th

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