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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Sunday 29 March: view Saturday or Monday

Hindsight can be playing a big part where your emotional feelings and attitudes are concerned and if you find yourself going over old ground mentally or reassessing feelings and attitudes you thought were immovable, then embrace the process. As new information comes to light, you have to expect something related to your feelings to alter. This will be enormously helpful. Do you know how to identify the best time to make that important decision? Try for free.


Jackie - Psychic

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Jackie is Psychic, Clairsentient, Dream Analysist. Jackie is well known for her down to earth, straight talking readings. However, Jackie is by nature empathetic to whatever is stressing you out at the moment and will endeavour to restore you to a place of harmony and balance - confident in the knowledge that you can move past this challenging time. Call Psychic ReaderCall Jackie quoting PIN 4455.

Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 27 March:

Friendship is a vital ingredient in any relationship but one quality slightly higher up the list is trust. It's a bond of trust being formed between you and a particular person now that looks set to be the foundation for, at least, a very strong friendship but the sky insists there is potential for more should that bridge be crossed in the future. What gets shared between one or both of you is sacred. Allow discussions to start gently and trust can build in a lovely way from there.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for March:

If you feel confused or frustrated as March commences, then tension is likely to build until mid-month when a chance to speak from the heart presents itself. Passions could be running high so keep your cool and ensure whatever passion is released is of the enjoyable variety. A Full Moon in your true love sector and Venus's entry into Taurus will alter your attitudes toward relationships or one in particular. Your attraction powers and confidence will be soaring and one particular delightful encounter promises to make the end of March very memorable for all the right reasons.

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