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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Wednesday 24 September: view Tuesday or Thursday

Just before leaving your romantic sector today the Moon aligns with Venus, planet of love just as she commits to bringing things home. Once Venus leaves next week the love gods will keep the spirit of romance alive up to you, with a need today to trust what your heart and its emotional responses are telling you. .Do you remember in your youth you possessed certain mental abilities? Find out more about your early days now!


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Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 22 September:

There is something special in the air this week and it's not because something is added and more because something is taken away. It's the Sun's departure from your romantic sector on Tuesday that brings your annual review and update to an end, where there is a more objective look at your romantic needs and where you need to take responsibility. It's not until the Sun leaves that Venus, planet of love finally has the place to herself and due to leave early next week, she'll be determined to make every moment of the 7 days she'll spend on her own here count, creating some of the most romantically charged days of the year. It's the Moon's return to your romantic sector on Monday and position here until Tuesday that gives you an intuitive read on the shift when it happens.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for September:

While the focus has been on your relationships all year, as was the case of the whole of last year and ever since late 2012 and even more so since Mars' return to your relationship sector in July, matters of the heart and the spirit of romance is mounting a comeback. The fact that romantic forces don't have the clout that relationship forces have, with a period of planetary activity stretching for just 6 weeks, rather than the nearly 2 years your relationships have had your full attention, makes this even more important and urgent. While the Sun will always spend the first 3 weeks of September in your romantic sector, the most romantically charged weeks of the year will begin when Venus returns on the 6th September and will run until she leaves on the 30th September. With Mars leaving your relationship sector on the 14th September this is going to see some of the focus shift from your relationships and a lot of urgency, knowing that it then becomes more about keeping your relationships on track. This is when Venus is going to make her move, doing what she can to not so much shift the focus from your relationships completely, but ensure that the spirit of romance gets more than its fair share of the love gods' attention. That's because Venus knows that once she leaves on the 30th September the focus will shift back to your relationships, which will enjoy ongoing support until the end of the year.

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