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Daily Horoscope for Wednesday 25 May: view Tuesday or Thursday

The saying 'lip service' comes to mind. The idiom surrounds telling someone what it's believed they want to hear or giving approval or support insincerely in some way. There are times when we believe we're doing someone a favor by not helping them to see the reality of a situation. We accept it might be less hurtful to allow them to remain in a state of delusion. It might be up to you to burst someone's bubble but you really will be doing them a favor by doing so. Do you live life following habitual patterns and taking the easiest options? Decide on a meaningful destiny. Find out more.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 20 May:

The sky speaks of a challenge you must rise to. It's likely to require as much effort and attention as you can give to it. A change needs to be introduced and, once instigated, a certain process will move quite quickly. Imagine yourself sat on a rollercoaster waiting for it to begin moving. Once it does, you have little option other than to see the process to completion. Any fear or reservations will soon become thrilling and exciting. You could actually end up enjoying the ride!

Monthly Horoscope for May:

Powerful developments will put you in a stronger, more confident and more comfortable position through knowledge gained in a particular area. As you become more familiar with a situation or arrangement and able to see within it what was unseen previously, you'll become aware of the stronger and advantageous position this puts you in. See what the Transit of Mercury in your sign brings to light. Then, be willing to consider how best to use information - and power - it will bring.

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