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Daily Horoscope for Tuesday 6 December: view Monday or Wednesday

We know what's meant by the saying, 'let sleeping dogs lie.' There are times when dogs need only hear a can opener removed from a kitchen drawer or a faintest sound of a leash removed from a hook to spring to life. As much as you might want to leave a situation or arrangement alone, are there not benefits to encouraging it to show more signs of life? Something can go from dormant to active with just a nudge. Give it a push it needs. What are the most important upcoming astrological events you can benefit from?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 2 December:

The coming week could bring increased focus on who matters most in your world and this prioritizing process could see you parting company with those whose morals or principles clash with your own. A Mars/Uranus link could bring you into contact quite suddenly with a face from the past and possibly someone who earned your significant respect from you previously. Above all, pay attention to your instincts where key decisions are concerned. They're unlikely to fail you.

Monthly Horoscope for December:

Astrology textbooks portray Taureans as so laid-back, you're at risk of falling over. I'm sure bulls are passive creatures until something fires them up and during December, any laid-back demeanor you might possess will be replaced with energy and enthusiasm not seen in a while. Expect to be removed from a comfort zone but expect as well to see clearly what your next move must be in a particular way – and receive praise and appreciation where you've wanted both.

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