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Daily Horoscope for Thursday 18 December: view Wednesday or Friday

In looking at your forecast now, I am reminded of the old saying, 'despite what happens today, we will continue to do tomorrow what we did yesterday'. That's another way of saying we tend to be reluctant to change or remove ourselves from comfort zones when we ought to. We know that doing so isn't always easy. Not only do we have to identify how and why a situation has grown tired or predictable, we must also identify a reason for changing it and then identify how we plan to change it! Regardless of how much effort might be involved, it's time for you to introduce change to an area it is truly needed. Discover the secrets of real passion and a better relationship.


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Weekly Horoscope starting 12 December:

Here we are, at what many consider to be the most expensive time of year. Is it really any more expensive than holidays taken in summertime? Perhaps, we believe this time of year to be more expensive because we have more individual financial obligations presented to us than we're used to and have to meet these within a particular timescale. At a time when many around the world are frantically trying to identify what can be done to bring pleasure to others through giving in a material sense, what might you be able to offer someone that money truly cannot buy? This week brings a heartwarming development that will serve to strengthen an important bond even further.

Monthly Horoscope for December:

We know the benefits of dotting every 'i' and crossing every 't'. If we give something we're undertaking our utmost attention, then we do so in the belief that we're minimizing or eliminating altogether any risk or risk of disappointment. Yet, we can become too fixated on some situations that need a bit of space and time to develop or unfold in their own ways. They appreciate our attention but only to a point. This month, your keenness to achieve a particular result could cause you to give a matter more attention than it requires. You've recently set an important process in motion. Trust that it intends to work with you. Give it attention but only in measured doses.

More Horoscopes: Money HoroscopesMoney & Finance Love & Relationship HoroscopesLove & Relationship Career & BusinessCareer & Business