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Daily Horoscope for Sunday 26 October: view Saturday or Monday

Sometimes, there's nothing better than discovering we have the ability to surprise ourselves. We stick rigidly to certain beliefs, vowing to ourselves and others we would never return to certain situations or re-enter certain agreements or arrangements and then find a valid reason to review what we were so adamant we'd never do. You're likely surprised by a U-turn you're making now in some way but, in your heart, you knew you would eventually. Trust that the time is now right. Each Planet changes House at regular intervals. Find out when this happens and how this might affect you.


Elayna - Psychic

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Weekly Horoscope starting 24 October:

If you were to talk to a bus driver during the entire length of your journey, you'd gain few popularity prizes. The driver's focused solely on performing a certain job safely and on time. He or she doesn't need comment or criticism and wouldn't take kindly to receiving either. With that in mind, have faith in the fact that the cosmos has your best interests at heart. As keen as you might be to question all that's unfolding that likely surrounds your commitment to a cause or person, don't succumb to belief that you must intervene. Reassurance you need is coming. Let developments following the eclipse in your opposite sign this week confirm that.

Monthly Horoscope for October:

Artists must, from time to time during the creation of masterpieces, stand back and assess them. This gives artists the chance to admire them, too. We can all get so close to what we're doing or so intently focused on what we're trying to achieve that we forget the need to distance ourselves in order to see precisely what we are creating and how closely it fits with what we want to be creating. With that in mind, October provides an essential opportunity for you to assess or take stock of where you are at with a particular, cherished goal or plan. Expect to feel a wave of relief followed very shortly by delight.

More Horoscopes: Money HoroscopesMoney & Finance Love & Relationship HoroscopesLove & Relationship Career & BusinessCareer & Business