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Libra Love & Relationship Horoscopes


Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Wednesday 18 October: view Tuesday or Thursday

Allowing your romantic side to emerge takes you into a colorful and comfortable world you won't want to escape from. This might involve focusing on a loved one and making their world a more loving and comfortable place. It's the way you feel within yourself that boosts your powers of attraction now. This is definitely a time when you'll receive back what you give. Be guided by your imagination! Might you be missing the best time to make a decision? Be more in control of your relationships and your emotions.

Elayna - Psychic

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Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 13 October:

If you've felt your opinion didn't matter to a loved one who possibly believed theirs mattered more, then this week's events could make clear how important and relevant what you have to say is. Your effort to make a point could be borne from frustration, but speaking up will bring more benefits than allowing resentment to fester in silence. It's by conveying yourself honestly you're your point will be understood and accepted. A loved one could have their eyes opened, too.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for October:

Good luck and expansion planet, Jupiter, has occupied your sign since September 2016. It departs for pastures new and will be influencing another area of your world from the 10th. However, many delightful distractions are on offer! Venus moves into Libra on the 14th, boosting your powers of attraction until November 7th. A New Moon in your sign on the 19th has been tailor-made for anything connected with partnerships or commitments. Mars's arrival in your sign on the 22nd boosts your libido and bossiness factor – but in ways that could thrill a loved one or potential partner!

Relationship Reality

Relationship Reality