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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Wednesday 23 April: view Tuesday or Thursday

Right in the heart of some of the toughest days of the year, the Moon's visit to a fun, playful and romantically charged part of your chart is going to put things into perspective, along with a reminder not to take yourself too seriously. Just as personal and/or relationship and work/life balance tensions are coming to a head this is brings a reminder that life is supposed to be fun and that if you can dance your way through a storm you can dance your way through anything. Are you and your lover astrologically compatible? Try Star Lovers for free.


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Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 21 April:

This is the week where you need to be on guard and alert for relationship tensions, expecting them but in a way that sees this as an opportunity not a challenge to get through. What makes this week so tough is that a pair of crisscrossing oppositions, bringing work/life balance and the other personal and relationship balance issues, both come to a head at the same time. Where last week's lunar eclipse may have created a chance to start clearing the air, this is when everything collides in a way that there is no denying your personal and relationship needs and any conflict between the two. Yet with this is an opportunity for a breakthrough, with the Moon's return to your romantic sector midweek and right in the middle of any tension creating a chance to put things in perspective.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for April:

Because relationship forces will dominate this month, not only because of the huge amount of focus the love gods are investing but the nature of that focus, it's even more important to hold onto and capture the spirit of romance in the early days of the month. For when Venus, planet of love leaves your romantic sector on the 6th April, she'll not only wrap up her own month long visit, but a period of planetary activity that began on the 12th January. Once Venus leaves the next planet to return will be Mars, but he won't arrive until December. Even if this wasn't a month where there is a lot of focus on your relationships, it would have been important to hold onto the romantic sentiment, as well as the desires and expectations Venus leaves you with. Yet even before Venus leaves, with the Sun in your relationship sector and your annual relationship review underway, there is a lot of focus on your relationships. This will only intensify once Venus leaves with Mercury, planet of communication returning to your relationship sector on the 8th April, in what is destined to be a case of good timing. While this is just a short visit from Mercury, returning on the 8th April but leaving just 15 days later on the 23rd April, this puts him here during what will be the most critical relationship days of the month. Why this is so important, is that personal and/or relationship tensions are likely to come to a head this month, at the same time that life's other demands are likely to put pressure on your relationships, all coming to a head during the 15 days that Mercury is here. As the smallest planet in the solar system Mercury can't stop pressure between some of the largest and most powerful planets in the solar system, but he can minimise the impact and turn it into an opportunity for a communication and/or relationship breakthrough, by the support he's able to provide to ensure the communication lines remain open.

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