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Daily Horoscope for Thursday 19 October: view Tuesday or Wednesday

If you're willing to take something less seriously, then so too will someone else. This could be what's needed to reduce or eliminate tension that might have existed between you. Serious or somber discussions can now be replaced with humor and lighthearted exchanges. You might have forgotten how good it feels to laugh with a certain person. What are your best talents? Develop your abilities and experience the future!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 13 October:

Do you require a telephone box to get changed in? Is your superhero suit something you wear beneath your clothing to be available to save the day with a second's notice? This week, you could believe you're superhuman and respond to cries for help. Some of these might be genuine. However, some are not. Don't convince yourself a seemingly extreme situation requires an extreme measure. You're not obliged to go to great lengths to prove a point - or prove yourself.

Monthly Horoscope for October:

A tense Full Moon on the 5th influences your career, causing you to reassess a professional plan you were certain would unfold without a hitch. At least one person will need to respect your decision regarding this. What transpires on home or family fronts around mid-October will be a delightful distraction. Alterations within your abode or a complete change of residence could be possible. Jupiter's change of sign heralds a 13-month period where your relationship with a child - or possibly children - becomes strengthened. If you sense an urge to express yourself creatively in any way, then don't suppress it! A masterpiece could emerge!

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