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Daily Horoscope for Sunday 17 December: view Monday or Tuesday

Your emotional and spiritual health is always connected with your physical health. Even if it's proving difficult to stick with a self-improvement program, you know your efforts will pay off. You're encouraged and motivated to adopt a new routine in some way, and this time, you intend to stick with it. Don't be concerned that you're setting sights too high. Support and inspiration can come from the most surprising sources. Do you truly understand children? Let a Child Gifts horoscope help you know more about a child's upbringing.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 15 December:

A sense of pressure is increasing. How are you expected to fulfill and accomplish every obligation unless someone invents a 28-hour day? However, before you start to resent this increase in pressure, look closely at why it's happening – and how instrumental you've been in creating it. This week, should pressure become too intense, step back and be proud of what you've achieved so far and will continue to achieve. It's a sign that one closely-held aspiration is on track for greater success.

Monthly Horoscope for December:

A plan that has ticked along comfortably could be altered with little or no warning, so being flexible is essential if you're to keep your stress levels low. It will also be important to recognize the right and wrong ways of asking others for support. Believing you and they are all on the same page could result in you coming across as bossy or demanding. You want to ensure something is done properly and thoroughly but might need to accept that, while others share your keenness, they have their ways of doing what needs to be done. At month end, a reason to question someone's loyalty later arises. Don't make a bigger deal of this than is really necessary.

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