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Daily Horoscope for Tuesday 23 January: view Monday or Wednesday

Communication is essential in more than one area of your world now, and it's equally essential that it's two-way. You appear to have much you want to say or convey but are also in a superb position to learn from listening. Say your piece, then step back and allow someone else to do the same. You could both be glad you allowed each other a chance to air your views. Your priorities are focussed, and you experience your life journey as something already organized. Find our more.

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Weekly Horoscope starting 19 January:

Might an arrangement between you and a certain person or possibly an organization never be the same again? Hopefully, that will be the case! Take a good look now at what is in place or agreed between you, because events this week indicate a new arrangement is about to not only replace an existing one but transform it beyond recognition. Whatever is discussed or agreed will put a commitment on a very new and much stronger footing.

Monthly Horoscope for January:

Your ability to nurture and protect knows no bounds. Neither does your sense of compassion, but it could become clear this month that an arrangement between you and a particular person needs to alter. This will involve your needs being taken more into consideration and not before time. It's not that someone is selfish or has gone to great lengths to ignore the imbalance that exists in your relationship. They might just need enlightening about what you're no longer prepared to accept or tolerate.

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