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Daily Money & Finance Horoscope for Wednesday 18 January: view Tuesday or Thursday

For now, continue to keep your professional hat on, especially as the Moon's first visit to your work sector for the year wraps up. In the lead up to new income developments early next month, the focus is still on first gaining the right professional momentum. That is especially so with the Sun in its final days in your career sector. What's your earning potential? Discover the the circumstances that shape your earning power with a Career Analysis.

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Weekly Money & Finance Horoscope starting 16 January:

With the Moon's first visit to your income sector for the year under your belt, it's time to take a look at money matters this week. However, it is important to hold onto the nose for money the Moon's visit to your income sector has left you with. This is not just important during the Sun's final days in your career sector, able to point this new professional year in a lucrative direction, but there are developments on the income front ahead. It is income matters that receive the full weight of the money gods' support over the coming weeks and months, so holding onto that nose for money is vital. In the meantime, the Moon will return for its first visit to your financial sector for the year on Friday, bringing a chance to get your financial bearings or make any financial resolutions.

Monthly Money & Finance Horoscope for January:

Don't be fooled by a low key start to the year for money matters, for you are poised for a good year on both the income and financial fronts. After so much has been invested professionally over the last few years and with a surge in the final months of 2016, while your 2017 professional year gets off to a low key start there is plenty of sustainability. To begin with, that professional momentum will keep untapped income opportunities flowing until the next big developments, in early March. In the meantime, while a major period of financial growth doesn't kick off until later in the year, there is every reason for an overall sense of financial confidence. The message from the money gods from the get go is that on both the income and financial fronts, while there is every reason for confidence, it is more a case of steady as she goes. This makes the Moon's first visits to your two money houses for the year especially important. The Moon's first visit to your income sector for the year will run from the 7th January to the 9th January, giving you a nose for money while the Sun, in your career sector, is busy putting this new professional year on track. It is that nose for money and an intuitive sense of direction that is all you need for now. In the meantime, the Moon's first visit to your financial sector for the year, running from the 20th January to the 22nd January, will bring a valuable chance to sharpen your financial instincts and get an intuitive read on money matters. The Moon spent Christmas in your financial sector and this will bring a chance to revisit some of the feelings and even resolutions that came to a head then.

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