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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Thursday 24 April: view Wednesday or Friday

There is a break in the pressure that has come to a head over the last few days and you'll feel it first through the little things in life. Have you ever noticed that it's not the big things that send us off the edge, but those little things that make us snap? Well, today this is starting to work in reverse, with the little things that go right bringing a new sense of confidence, with the universe sending signs that things are turning out. .Do you remember in your youth you possessed certain mental abilities? Find out more about your early days now!


Rachel - Psychic

Call featured Psychic Rachel
Rachel has been aware of spirit since the age of 4 and is very well known for both her Clairvoyance and Mediumship abilities. For loved ones that have passed over you will be told what memories are dear to them giving much needed comfort to you. If you have a relationship issue that you just have to know what is really going on then you wont be disappointed. Call Psychic ReaderCall Rachel quoting PIN 4204.

Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 21 April:

If there is going to be pressure on your relationships this is the week that it's likely to be, with a massive amount of discord between the planets having a particularly strong impact on any personal and/or relationship tensions. Yet with this is a chance to get everything out in the open, especially what you're fighting for or for either a breakthrough or turnaround. The days of pretending are over and with a need for something more authentic and real, there is likely to be a sense of relief by the time the week is over. On the other side is an opportunity for rebuilding, new beginnings and a chance to start over, learning from the past but looking to the future. It will be a long time before your relationships are put to the test like this again, nor will they need to.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for April:

As has been the case every other month so far this year and will remain the case for the rest of the year, the focus is on your relationships and in anything but an ordinary way. Romantic forces will get their turn, but you will have to wait until Venus, planet of love returns to your sign early next month and then for lucky Jupiter to reach your romantic sector in July, kicking off your luckiest year for love in over a decade. Even then the love gods won't shift their focus from your relationships, for this is something they are committed to, right through to November 2015. With the North Node making its first visit to your relationship sector since 1997 and Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos making his longest visit in over 3 decades, the love gods are making a major investment into putting your relationships on the most authentic track. Even Ceres, dwarf planet and goddess of the solar system, who will normally spend 2 months out of every 4 years updating your relationship needs, spent 3 months here before leaving in early February, only to return late last month. With Mars and Ceres spending the whole month in retrograde motion the doors are open to second chances, to not only recapturing the past but appreciating in hindsight what you're fighting for. It's the North Node's position here that turns this month's Full Moon in your relationship sector on the 15th April into a total lunar eclipse, one that will not only bring relationship matters to a head but bring the elements of fate and destiny into play. Expect some challenges, but any personal and/or relationship tension is more about balance and raising the bar.

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