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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Wednesday 30 July: view Tuesday or Thursday

There'll be a chance to look more in depth at your relationships later in the week, with the focus for now more on keeping the spirit of romance alive and the energy from the weekend's New Moon. With this is a reminder that where you are now is just the starting point of a new journey. What it would be like if and when you become more involved?


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Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 28 July:

Even though the Sun returned to your romantic sector last week and Jupiter the week before, it's only now with the weekend's New Moon still in play, as you move into the new week, that you're able to appreciate just how much things have shifted. However, this is less to do with the development of romantic forces, which would have slowly built anyway and more to do with Mars' departure from your relationship sector last week, bringing his longest and most challenging visit in 3 decades to an end. You can't have Mars spend that long let loose on your relationships not to have things shook up but also out in the open, but now you're in the rebuilding phase and more dominant romantic forces are finally getting their presence felt. A corner has been turned, with a chance for new beginnings.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for July:

July is a month when two realities collide or overlap, in what is a case of one era moving aside to make way for the other, with the other beginning before the other ends. The two realities I'm talking about are on the romantic and relationship fronts, with July a month that will witness the end of one and the start of the other. In December 2013 Mars returned for what should have been a 6 week visit to your relationship sector, aimed at shaking things up and getting you involved in fighting for what you want from your relationships and what they need from you. Yet since then this has not only transformed into Mars' longest visit to your relationship sector in 32 years, it has become deeper and game changing, to a point where the last 7 months has probably seen your relationships or your relationship expectations forever changed. This epic and defining relationship overhaul will not so much end when Mars leaves on the 26th July, but ease back to a point where the love gods move into maintenance mode. Yet just 10 days before Mars is due to leave there is a dramatic turnaround on the romantic front, with lucky Jupiter returning for his first visit to your romantic sector in over a decade, on the 16th July. On the heels of what has been some challenging and game changing relationship months, this will kick off your luckiest year for love since Jupiter was last here, from August 2002 to August 2003. This is something the love gods will get in behind with full gusto.

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