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Daily Love & Relationship Horoscope for Sunday 25 September: view Saturday or Monday

If you're aware of a playful mood or vibe making itself felt, then give in to it and see what embracing it brings you. You could bring a smile to a loved one's or potential partner's face or make them feel special by giving in to certain spontaneous urges, too. By moving away from routine or 'the norm', you can create a fascinating, shared world you can lose yourselves within. Discover where you best consolidate; where to experiment, where to be cautious; when it's down to you, or someone else; when to wait, when to go.

Charlotte - Psychic

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Weekly Love & Relationship Horoscope starting 23 September:

With activity occurring in your opposite sign of commitment this week, if could become apparent you have been or perhaps still are investing much effort in a way that needs to be defined more clearly. Obviously, making effort as opposed to doing nothing is bound to be more rewarding but the sky implies you would benefit more if you were more focused and less sporadic. Progress can happen this week. You just need to focus your attention in cleverer and more productive ways.

Monthly Love & Relationship Horoscope for September:

September brings its share of tension to your love life but there are ways you can ensure it's kept to a bare minimum and most of these involve communication on various levels. Much will be manageable if you can keep a lid on your tendency to speak your mind without giving thought to how harsh or insensitive your words might be. It's also possible life's getting in the way of a long-overdue, heart-to-heart exchange. Don't make or accept excuses any longer. Best romantic days? 4th, 14th and 23rd Best romantic match? Leo or Aquarius

Relationship Reality

Relationship Reality