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Daily Horoscope for Tuesday 30 September: view Wednesday or Thursday

For many years, people have lived at the base of volcanoes they know could erupt with little or no warning. They accept life must go on and invest large amounts of faith in the fact that they needn't be concerned about any imminent disaster. Despite your apprehension and nervousness, you can accept that you need not be concerned about a seemingly unwelcome development now. It is a temporary inconvenience and one you will overcome with ease. Might you be missing the best time to make a decision? Be more in control of your relationships and your emotions. Try personal Forecaster or free!


Molly - Psychic

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Molly has been blessed with her gifts since birth and has been giving readings for over 35 years. She is honest and caring and straight to the point. When you have a reading with Molly she will aim to give you the answers you want, in a way you can understand and with the respect you deserve.  Call Psychic ReaderCall Molly quoting PIN 4146.

Weekly Horoscope starting 26 September:

Holding a heavy object with an outstretched arm usually results in us growing tired after a finite period of time and relaxing. Unless the purpose of holding something in such a way surrounds muscle building, there are easier ways to hold or carry something heavy. With that in mind, consider how you're expending effort unnecessarily. Consider that there is actually an easier and less tiring way of achieving the same result. You might be enjoying the challenge doing something a certain way offers but can surely recognize how your energy or patience levels will become depleted if you don't opt for doing it more imaginatively. This week, an option to do something easier than you're used to presents itself. It wants and needs to be seized by you.

Monthly Horoscope for October:

We're encouraged from a young age to let our imaginations run wild. As we grow older, we understand we're supposed to become responsible, realistic and practical. The latter attitude does much to sap imaginations that have a part to play in the most mundane and seemingly serious situations. Of course, we need to balance this with the need to be practical sometimes but what harm can result from releasing ourselves into colorful worlds of our own creation from time to time? This month, it's your imagination and ability to be creative that brings you closer to a cherished dream, not seriousness, sensibility or adhering to strict protocols.

More Horoscopes: Money HoroscopesMoney & Finance Love & Relationship HoroscopesLove & Relationship Career & BusinessCareer & Business