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Daily Horoscope for Wednesday 22 October: view Thursday or Friday

Excuses are easy to find. Excuses rarely excuse us from anything, though. There's a difference between taking responsibility for something and ensuring someone else is aware of the slightest way we believe we weren't at fault. There seems to be a potential three-way pointing of fingers happening now and this involves you. Yet, as quick as certain people might be to lay blame entirely at your feet, you know the truth and reality of a situation. Pressure will lessen soon. Is life cosmically ordered? Make best use of the positive encounters, and lessen the negative ones.


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Weekly Horoscope starting 17 October:

Do ostriches really stick their heads in sand? If so, why do we feel the need to emulate them? We do so for a number of reasons and the words 'fear' or 'stubbornness' are usually involved. An issue in your world is likely cause you to act ostrich-like or dig your heels in in some way. You could be displaying signs of stubbornness for the sake of it or to make a point but would you not benefit more through allowing levels of support from certain others to become part of what's irking you? This week, look closely at how fear might be playing a part in stubbornness you could be displaying. Then, expect a reason to be less fearful.

Monthly Horoscope for October:

We're encouraged from a young age to let our imaginations run wild. As we grow older, we understand we're supposed to become responsible, realistic and practical. The latter attitude does much to sap imaginations that have a part to play in the most mundane and seemingly serious situations. Of course, we need to balance this with the need to be practical sometimes but what harm can result from releasing ourselves into colorful worlds of our own creation from time to time? This month, it's your imagination and ability to be creative that brings you closer to a cherished dream, not seriousness, sensibility or adhering to strict protocols.

More Horoscopes: Money HoroscopesMoney & Finance Love & Relationship HoroscopesLove & Relationship Career & BusinessCareer & Business