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Daily Horoscope for Sunday 17 December: view Monday or Tuesday

Standing on a threshold of change could feel like staring into a precipice of paranoia. However, you're alone with your future vision. Don't feel a need to seek or dig deeply for reassurance. Embracing the inevitable is part of this extremely positive process. The sooner you cease resisting what needs and deserves to be embraced, the sooner you'll embark upon this fantastic process of helpful and timely change. What are the most important upcoming astrological events you can benefit from?

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Weekly Horoscope starting 15 December:

Our parents and teachers would tell us that restriction, when applied helpfully, does us good. As kids, we saw no need for structure, discipline or responsibility. We were too busy having back then. However, we grew to appreciate each over time. This week, Saturn's arrival in Capricorn is a big deal for Aquarians. Suffice to say, restriction in one area is being removed and replaced in another. However, accepting and adhering to a new set of rules brings rewards that you'll like very much during coming weeks, months and years!

Monthly Horoscope for December:

Your rebellious nature could be stronger than usual but try to accept how certain others aren't responsible for restriction experienced in a particular area. You could be tempted to take action and hang consequences which doesn't help you or them. It might be your unusual approach to something that causes you to feel unsupported at times. Remember that a good leader doesn't need to shout. Fortunately, from the 20th, both the Sun and Saturn encourage self-reflection and detachment. Stepping back and assessing certain situations could prove enormously helpful, especially if you've been focused more intently on finishing lines than how you plan to win races.

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