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Daily Horoscope for Tuesday 28 March: view Wednesday or Thursday

You could be tempted to 'take the plunge' in some way and there could be a professional link with your ambition but before you dive in, take a moment to ensure there's water in the pool! Jumping straight in could result in you wishing you'd been more sensible. Limits that exist in terms of what you can make happen now exist for a reason. Be appreciative and respectful of them and real progress can be made. How do you re-discover your assertiveness, attitudes and characteristics from your childhood? See how now!

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Weekly Horoscope starting 24 March:

A certain situation might 'add up' in every way you need it to. On the face of it, you could be satisfied with how logically it appears. However, the sky implies that might be a cold way of looking at it. If you're only prepared to assess and accept it in such a shallow way and not look beyond the obvious at potential it holds if only you'd make more of an effort to connect with it, then you'll only benefit from it in a very limited way. Your eyes and brain know what they're seeing. Give your heart a chance to take you beyond the surface.

Monthly Horoscope for March:

You probably have a regular supply of innovative and unique ideas but coming weeks could see this surplus increase noticeably. Having wonderful ideas or creating ingenious plans is fine but these need to be conveyed to others if they're to become a reality. Mind-planet Mercury's link with Uranus and a New Moon in your solar sector of communication, ideas and words could help you create and convey bright ideas with ease. A Full Moon occurs on the 12th and if you or a partner have been waiting for good news on the financial front, it could arrive then!

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