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Gemini - 2014

General Year Theme

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The major forces in play in 2014 fall into two camps, one camp remaining in play all year and the other more focused in the first half of the year, but both equally important. Those two camps are financial and professional matters, with conditions in play on both camps far from the norm and over and above what you would normally expect.

Money matters are contained in the first half of the year so are more urgent, with a need to move into the New Year with a mindset that you need to have both income and financial matters sorted and tied up by midyear.

On the professional camp you have a lot longer to let things play out and while you want things tied up on the work front by the end of the year, the professional journey you're on in terms of your career path, still has many years to play out.

For the first time since 2002 you'll move into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in your income sector, but due to leave on the 16th July his influence will be felt only in the first half of the year, with a need to move into the year with confidence, believing in yourself and in what you deserve.

In your income sector since June 2013, Jupiter has already formed a strong partnership with work and career forces, so when your professional year moves into gear, which it will from early February, this is when the income opportunities will start kicking in.

The most important professional months of the year, when it comes to your career path in general and making sure you're on the right track, will run from the 1st February to the 3rd May, a 3 month period covering the very period that income matters you've been building towards should be starting to come to fruition.

While a major push and some huge developments on the work front won’t kick in until the 26th July, 10 days after Jupiter leaves your income sector, there will be so much untapped potential that you'll continue to have luck on your side for the whole of this year and beyond.

On the other side of the financial equation you'll move into the year with Venus in your financial sector, fuelling your financial desires and expectations and triggering the laws of attraction. That itself is not unusual, but by the time she leaves on the 6th March she’ll have wrapped up her longest visit in over 200 years, with the money gods on your side this year.

However, 2014 is not a year that is all about professional and money matters, with the love gods just as active. Mars, who will normally spend just 6 weeks in your romantic and creative sector every other year returned on the 8th December 2013 but won’t leave until the 26th July, fuelling your romantic and creative passions and even holding the door open to second chances.

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Love and Relationships in 2014:

It is fairly rare to move into a New Year with the love gods active in your chart, with the second half of the year always the most active on both the romantic and relationship fronts.

The first sign of any support when it comes to matters of the heart is usually when Venus, planet of love moves through your sign, which happens around the same time as your birthday month, with August and September usually the most active months for romantic matters and November and December for relationship matters.

However, you'll move into 2014 to find your romantic passions and your fighting spirit engaged, with your inner romantic warrior determined to make this a year where matters of the heart come first.

This is not a case of this year’s romantic forces arriving early and if anything this year’s quota is arriving late with Venus, planet of love not returning to your sign until the 24th June, after your birthday month has come to an end.

Instead Mars, planet of passion and the warrior planet of the cosmos, who returned to your romantic sector last December, is not only still here as you move into the New Year, he’s refusing to leave and instead will stay on until the 26th July, making this his longest visit in 3 decades.

Mars will still be here when Venus moves through your sign from the 24th June to the 19th July, making these some of the most romantically charged weeks of the year. Mars is spending so long in your romantic sector because of a retrograde phase from the 2nd March to the 20th May, when he’ll open the door to second chances.

Even after Mars leaves on the 26th July, there’ll be just a short wait until your annual romantic update begins on the 2nd September and running through to the 9th November, you may as well say that the whole of 2014 is a romantic hotspot.

Your relationships will have to wait until later in the year to get their fair share of attention, but in September and October especially there’ll be clues that something big is stirring, with the love gods lining things up for 2015, which is destined to be one of your biggest relationship years in decades.

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Career and Business in 2014:

Knowing what to expect from your 2014 professional year is more a case of looking at last year, for this is less a brand new professional year and more a progression of the same journey, with the same forces that shaped things on the income, work and career fronts last year still in play this year.

This isn’t normally the case, for your work and career sectors are only usually active at certain times of the year, with several months until the planets come along again and a new chapter and journey begins.

The fact that you have an ongoing story and situation on not only the work and career fronts but on the income front as well, brings you to the most powerful and important point in your professional career, but also a year where after the hard climb and long slog of recent years most things will come together.

The two driving forces on the professional front are Neptune and Saturn, two very different planets that are forced to work together. Neptune, in your career sector from 2012 to 2026, is on a long term mission to redefine your professional dreams in what is his only visit in your lifetime, giving you a sense of what’s possible and something to aim for.

Saturn, on the other hand, has been in your work sector since October 2012 and until he leaves on the 24th December this year, he’s forcing you to get real, put in the hard work and achieve the kind of determination, discipline and work focus that you didn’t think you were capable of, doing whatever it takes for as long as it takes, doing things the hard way and putting in the hard slog.

Yet together this is an incredible partnership, giving you something to aim for and the determination and willpower to make it happen. It helps that they are both being supported by lucky Jupiter’s position in your income sector until midyear.

While Neptune and Saturn will continue to work behind the scenes to keep the momentum going on the career and work fronts all year, they’ll each receive a push and a lot of support at specific times of the year, meaning that on both fronts different times of the year will be more important than others.

For career matters as a whole, the most important time of the year will be from Mercury’s return to your career sector on the 1st February to Venus’ departure on the 3rd May, which is when most of your professional objectives for the coming year will be determined, with a Full Moon on the 9th September likely to be a defining point in your professional year.

By then the most active months on the work front will be underway, kicking off with Mars’ return to your work sector on the 26th July.

This will be the last time that Mars will meet up with Saturn in your work sector for another 3 decades, so until he leaves on the 14th September his passions, drives and fighting spirit will come with the power to move mountains that Saturn provides, making these the most important and defining weeks of your year on the work front.

With Mercury, the Sun and Venus moving through your work sector from the 28th September to the 28th November, this is when you'll have a chance to bring things home. Click to find out more.


Money and Finance in 2014:

Not all years are created equal and there will be certain times of the year when the money gods will be more active, showing up to focus on income matters around June/July each year and then 6 months later showing up to focus on money matters as a whole.

While to a point that’s the case this year, these will be high points in what is going to be a big year for both income and financial matters, especially in the first half of the year.

In fact, things are going to be so intense that the money gods will be fighting for your attention, creating some financial intensity and even tension at times, yet in the process raising the bar on both fronts.

For the problem, if you can call it that, is that you have too much of a good thing, with some extremely auspicious forces on both the income and financial fronts.

Because your income and financial sectors are located on opposite sides of the sky and the Sun moves through one then the other 6 months later, you don’t usually have activity and opportunities in both at the same time, yet that’s exactly what you have this year.

For the first time since 2002 you're moving into the New Year with lucky Jupiter in your income sector, making 2014 an extremely auspicious year for income matters, especially in the first half and especially between May and August.

It’s that knowledge that provides a key on how to play things this year, for while lucky Jupiter is making his first visit to your income sector in over a decade Venus, planet of money, desire and attraction is making her longest visit to your financial sector in over 200 years, a visit that began on the 5th November 2013 and will run until the 6th March 2014.

Venus will normally spend just under 4 weeks in your financial sector, fuelling your financial desires and expectations and triggering the laws of attraction.

With Pluto, planet of change and revolution here from 2008 to 2024, while Venus’ return each year will always evoke a sense of rebellion, she never stays around long enough to see it through, but this year she will, creating some very auspicious financial conditions in the early months of the year.

The key to balancing income and money matters is the fact that Jupiter will remain in retrograde motion in your income sector until the 6th March, the very day that Venus leaves your financial sector, almost as though he’s taking a back seat and giving the queen of the money gods the centre stage.

This allows you to put all your focus on money matters in the early months of the year, using any financial tension to remain on top of your game and motivated.

Then when Mercury returns to your income sector on the 29th May and his smart head for money kicks in, this is when you need to be ready to bring things home.

While lucky Jupiter will leave on the 16th July, Venus will have returned by then to extract every last advantage, right through to when she too leaves on the 12th August. Click to find out more

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